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Sponsored Sessions:

2 February
Medtronic: Pre-conference Workshop
BARD: Evening Symposium
3 February
Biotronik Lunch Symposium: "Application of Close Loop Stimulation for Rate Adaptation, Cognitive Function and Heart Failure"
St. Jude Medical: Lunch Symposium
St. Jude Medical: AF Symposium
Guidant: Case Demonstration
Medtronic: Evening Symposium

Program Topics


I. How-to Sessions (with video presentations)

Cardiac Pacing: Tips and Tricks for Device Implantation

  • How to achieve alternative atrial site pacing?
  • How to achieve alternative ventricular site pacing?
  • Pearls and Pitfalls of device replacement and upgrade

Atrial Fibrillation Ablation: Improving Clinical Success

  • How to prepare the patient and perform transeptal puncture
  • How to select ablation strategies and endpoints?
  • What are the roles of advanced mapping and ablation techniques?

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: How to Get There?

  • How to select suitable candidates for CRT?
  • Tips and tricks to increase implant success rate
  • How to optimize patient response to CRT?

ICD: Who, What and How?

  • Who needs an ICD?
  • What ICD to implant?
  • How to implant ICD and perform DFT testing?

II. Practical Tutorials

Guidelines for Arrhythmias Management

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • SVT, including Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome
  • Sudden Death in Young Adult

Understanding Device Malfunction (Case based tutorial)

  • Why do Leads Fail?
  • Why do Generators Fail?
  • How to Detect and Manage Device malfunction?

Risk Assessment of SCD (Case based tutorial)

  • Genetic testing
  • Electrophysiological study
  • Non-invasive methods

Syncope (Case based tutorial)

  • Update of Syncope Guidelines
  • Current Role of Tilt-Table Test
  • Diagnostic Challenges- POTS, Orthostatic hypotension and Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia

Management of Genetic Heart Rhythm Disease (Case based tutorial)

  • Understanding Genetic Testing
  • Long and Short QT Syndrome
  • Brugada and Variants
  • Idiopathic VT/VF
Special Sessions
  • SCD in Asia
  • Pacing and ICD Survey in Asia
Featured Symposia

I. Atrial Fibrillation

  • New Risk Factors for Atrial Fibrillation
  • The Genetic Basis for Atrial Fibrillation
  • Rate versus Rhythm - New Guidelines
  • Evolving Rate Control Strategies
  • New Antiarrhythmic Agents
  • Upstream Therapy
  • Growing Problem of Asymptomatic Atrial Fibrillation
  • Anti-thromboembolic Treatment - Drugs and Devices

II. Heart Failure

  • Epidemiology of CHF
  • Pharmacologic Management of CHF 2007: State of the Art
  • CHF Not Secondary to Systolic Dysfunction
  • Overview of Clinical Trials in CRT
  • ICD Therapy in CHF
  • Atrial Arrhythmias in CHF: Incidence and Management
  • Acorn and Similar Devices for CHF Management: Status and Potential Role
  • Left Ventricular Assist Device: Destination Therapy or Stand-Alone Therapy or New Horizons of CHF Management

III. Sudden Cardiac Death

  • Are Current ICD's Trials Adequate?
  • The Heart Failure Candidate
  • Non Invasive Means for Patient Selection
  • Sudden Death in Young Adults
  • Cost-efficacy Analysis

IV. Catheter Ablation

  • 20 Years of RF Ablation for SVT
  • Pitfall in Mapping and Ablation of Focal Atrial Tachycardia
  • Catheter Ablation of Atypical Atrial Flutter
  • Image of Atrium and PV in Ablation of Atrial Arrhythmias
  • Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation - Long Term Results
  • Frequency Analysis, Fractionated Electrograms, and Rotors for Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
  • Ablation of Idiopathic VT and VF
  • Ablation of VT in Structural Heart Disease

V. New Technology and Imaging

  • Update of Magnetic Navigation
  • Update of Robotic Navigation
  • New Applications of Intracardiac Echocardiography (ICE)
  • Image Integration for Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
  • Novel Applications of Percutaneous Pericardial Instrumentation
  • Advances in Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation: New Energy Sources and Technologies
  • Gene Therapy for Arrhythmias
  • Advances in Antiarrhythmic Drugs

VI. New Devices

  • The Role of the Steerable Catheter in Pacing Implants
  • The Current Status of Transvenous Left Ventricular Lead Technology
  • The Evolving ICD Lead
  • The Shrinking Defibrillator
  • Minimal Ventricular Pacing Algorithms
  • The Fully Automatic Pacemaker
  • Remote Device Follow Up
  • The Future of Implantable Monitors for Heart Failure
Case Demonstration
  • CRT Implant
  • Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
  • Epicardial Ablation
  • Lead Extraction
Allied Health Sessions


Sponsored Sessions



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